About Us

The story begins so long ago, Mona was just 16 and Kirk was 18 when they started dating and married just 2 years later.  They moved to Germany as Kirk was in the US Air Force and spent 6 years there having 2 wonderful children before they left.  Kirk and Mona would be fortunate to live in Las Vegas, NV (Nellis AFB) and Burkburnette TX (Sheppard AFB) before retiring from Air Force life.  They would go on to have another full career in the private sector with great companies giving them the chance to travel extensively.

In 2013, at 53 years of age, Kirk was afforded the opportunity to take sort of a sabbatical and he hiked the Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine – 14 states, over 2,000 miles) and it set us up for the idea to retire early.  For the next couple of years we worked diligently to  try and “figure out” what early retirement would look like and build a plan to make it become a reality.  In January 2016 we took that major leap and at 56 Kirk and Mona retired.

This blog is a “trial run” to see how it works and if its something we find value in doing.  On our many trips people are always asking for more information and this may be a way to help others see our trips through our eyes closer to the time its happening and keep some additional memories for us to look back on.